Elävät kivet in English

Elävät kivet is a gospel choir that works in association with the Evangelical Students of Helsinki. The choir consists of about twenty singers and a band. The members of the choir are mainly college and university students studying in the Helsinki area.

The conductor of Elävät kivet is Sari Pyykönen. Sari studies church music in Sibelius Academy. She is the seventh conductor in the 30-year history of the choir.

The repertoire of the choir is mostly composed by the conductors and the choir members. Among the pieces there are rhythmic songs as well as sentimental and touching songs. The joy of singing and of being able to spread the Gospel through their music can be heard in the choir's performances.

The choir has a few concerts every year, and they often perform in Masses. They've had concert tours in Estonia, Sweden, Hungary and Russia. The choir has also released five recordings: "Elävät kivet", "Riemulähteellä", "Suuri Hän on", "Joulu" and "Rajapyykkejä". In 2012 choir released a collection of their favourite songs called Mosaiikki.

  El�v�t kivet at Vaalimaa border
Photo by Aurora Seppänen

El�v�t kivet at Hungary
Photo by Matti Erkama